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November 15 2013


Winning Big with Rainbow Riches

For how long have you been playing Rainbow Riches? Are you under the impression that there is no way in which you can influence the final outcome of each game? Have you wished for something that can help increase your chances of winning? Maybe you can calculate the number of spins required for a win? If only there was some strategy that would help you determine when to trade big so that you can win big. While there isn't any such strategy there are a few things you could do to increase your chances of getting a huge payout. Here are some of such tips:

1. The most common theory among Rainbow Riches experts is that the encryption on online slot games are a lot easier to solve than actual slot machines. This isn't true at all though. In fact, most online games are heavily encrypted and every single spin is random. There is no way you can determine the outcome of the next spin. But, online games have a much larger payout ratio as compared to actual slot machines. This means that your chances of winning at Rainbow Riches are much higher when you play online.

2. If you're playing this game at a casino, note that certain casinos offer larger payouts as compared to others. Some even offer points each time you play which can be redeemed for air miles, holidays and sometimes even cash. There are even some casinos that offer 100 % match bonuses and cash handouts. If you play at the most rewarding casino, you will obviously have a higher overall win ratio.

3. Choosing the feature is a very important part of Rainbow Riches slots game. Most people tend to take the safe option and try to win the 'Pot of Gold'. But if you want to really win big, you should go for something like the 'Big Win Shindig'. Yes, this is a lot more risky, but the payout is much higher as well. You could consider racking up consistent wins with Pot of Gold and giving Big Win Shindig a shot every now and then.

4. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter where you decide to play this game. It doesn't even matter how long you play for. There will always be a certain amount of luck involved and if it's one of those days when you are fresh out of luck, you will be much better off coming back the next day. There is no point in playing against your luck. There is no strategy in the world that can help you win if you're having a bad day. So save your money and wait for tomorrow.

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